This year UCD students are struggling to find accommodation before the start of the academic year. Many students are still homeless and are facing long-haul commutes to get to college each day as they struggle to find somewhere to live.

Students are finding themselves priced out of the market as rent rates continue to rise. Rent of €500 or more has become the norm that students are faced with paying. Students’ Union Welfare officer Cian Dowling tells the College Tribune that “it is simply too high for students who are already struggling with paying the registration fee and costs associated with actually attending college.”

Students can also face bias from landlords. Many landlords prefer not to rent to students instead opting to give accommodation to young professionals who are choosing to rent rather than buy. This drives students out of an already competitive market. According to Dowling, viagra sale some male students are also facing bias from landlords who prefer to rent to females only.

It is Erasmus students and students who are on placement for a semester who are finding it especially difficult to source accommodation, sick said Dowling. Erasmus students only need accommodation for four months and landlords prefer to lease to people for an entire year. Many students must compromise with digs accommodation, where a student stays in a family home with other students and pays a flat rate for lodgings and board.

Third year Arts student Riona Cleary spoke to the College Tribune about her struggle to find accommodation this year.  “I thought last year was a nightmare, couldn’t get a house until October, but this year its way worse. I’ve been to countless viewings, all of which were a disaster, several times I’ve called landlords and they have told me to call back the next day for a viewing and I call and they either don’t answer, their phones are off … It’s frustrating because they can do that.”

“I’m still looking. I’m online every day and making about ten calls a day. So seen as college is starting back next week it looks like i’ll be commuting until something opens up, it’s just not ideal for my final year,” she added.

Currently the Students’ Union are trying to help those who are experiencing difficulty with advice on their website. They are also encouraging students to consider digs accommodation as they are the most “readily available alternative” according to Dowling. Students are also being encouraged to frequently check websites such as to find some form of accommodation.

“We have been drawing up several plans we hope to roll out as students come to us in difficulty on the financial side of things. I highly encourage people to complete a Welfare Fund application form and come see me for assistance,” he added.