It has been reported that over twenty minutes after a geography module ended on Wednesday, second year Aaron Kelly was still sitting in the lecture hall mindlessly browsing the internet.

Throughout the fifty minute lecture, Kelly is reported to have only once looked up from his laptop, in order to avoid sneezing on the screen of his Macbook Pro.

After taking his usual seat in the back of the room several minutes before the lecture began, he began his normal routine of flitting between Facebook, Twitter and ESPN while the professor held the lecture.

Kelly is reported to have not once made use of a word processor or other note taking application during the lecture. Nor did he use the internet for any other purpose than to see what his friends were up to.

Kelly became so immersed in his activities that he did not realise when the lecturer dismissed the class and his peers began to file out of the lecture hall. An expert has suggested that he did not notice because his laptop was on full brightness.

Another source reported that Kelly did not even realise as other students began to enter the class for their economics lecture.

Towards the end of the second lecture, Kelly is alleged to have texted a friend to complain about the ‘crazy long class’.


Laura Ray  |  Turbine Writer