Something that I believe should have more attention in our little campus community is our small societies. Ergo, the Tribune has decided (as a collective) to do a small soc spotlight, where we interview a society so you lovely readers can have a gawk at what’s going on and why you should be going along too. 

This week, we are passing the spotlight onto ArtSoc, a charming society focused on Arts and Social Science. 

What is the overall theme and vibe behind ArtSoc?

“ArtSoc serves as the faculty society for Arts and Social Science. Having a thriving and active faculty society is crucial to getting straight into the action in UCD on both an active and social level. We hope to create a friendly and fun environment for all of our members to interact with each other and hopefully make some new friends! This year we have about 1,000 members.”

What events do you have planned this year?

Currently, we are running our weekly coffee mornings outside of Newman. The coffee mornings are a fantastic way to get to know new people and maybe grab a sneaky morning caffeine dose! For Halloween, we had a spooky screening planned with one of the most classic horror movies of all time to be played.  We are currently getting ready for our biggest event of the year, the Arts Ball! We are all so excited to have one of the most essential black-tie events back this year. It’ll be a night no one will ever forget and there should be some fantastic craic. Keep up with our socials for more info on our events and goings-on!

How are UCD Management and the Society Council treating you with regards to funding and event support?

It is undoubtedly an incredibly difficult year for societies to come back after such a prolonged period of time running everything on a virtual platform. UCD Management and the society council have had to be quite flexible with the changes in restrictions and we appreciate every update they can give us.

So there we have it. ArtSoc seems to be quite an exciting society with more than an abundance of events in its calendar, and the quality of support UCD gives to its societies seems to still be up for debate. 

Nevertheless, what is for certain is that a pop-down to a coffee morning is more than well worth it, and giving an Instagram follow is absolutely one of the best things you could do with your time instead of procrastinating with TikTok. 

Rhoen Eate – Features Editor