Education Vice-President elect is 20 year old Shane Comer. Comer defeated opponents Sam Geoghegan and Patrick Wolohan yesterday with 312 votes more than Geoghegan.

It was arguably a two-horse race between current Education Officer Geoghegan and Comer with the two garnering the most votes in each consistency. After boxes from a number of small buildings were opened, buy viagra just 4 votes separated them; Wolohan trailed over 300 votes behind. Final year Science student Comer performed well in his own constituency receiving 333 votes while Wolohan and Geoghegan polled just 42 and 84 respectively.

With a total of 4544 votes cast the quota was set at 2199. As no candidate reached this (and Wolohan would not reach it with transferable RON votes), store RON and Wolohan were eliminated from the race. Wolohan polled a total of 916.

Wolohan expressed his gratitude towards his campaign team for their work done during the race and extended his congratulations to whichever of the two candidates won the position. He joked that while he may not have won the SU Education race, he was still aiming for “President ’25.”

After the second count, Comer and Geoghegan gained 264 and 278 votes respectively. Over 600 votes were non-transferable. This brought Comer’s total to 2,042 and Geoghegan to 1,744. Comer was deemed elected Education Vice-President.

Geoghegan firstly congratulated Comer on his victory and then thanked each member of his campaign team, acknowledging the work and support they gave him.

Following the announcement Comer said that “[he] would never forget the experience” and thanked his campaign team “the majority I met fifteen days ago”. He told the crowd that he would do the job to the best of his ability and endeavour to ensure that students leave UCD with the highest level of education possible.

He later stated to the Tribune that “the feeling hasn’t really set in yet … the campaign run by the three candidates was fantastic, it was hugely positive”. He admitted that it would be a challenging year but “with Rachel at the helm [and the other elected officers] it will be a good year for the Union … it’s a privilege”.

Conor Fox