It has been confirmed by UCDSU President, search Rachel Breslin, viagra that the running track is an unlikely option for this years UCD Ball as it is “being used as a storage compound for the Science Facility so we don’t have access to it.” If it is to be considered, an agreement will have to be made with the contractor who is currently using the facility but at present it seems as though it is not the likely option.

Both Breslin and Ents officer, Eoin Heffernan, are working towards an on campus location for the ball, however Breslin could not confirm that it would take place on UCD premises. The locations that are currently being considered include the car park to the rear of the student centre and a site near Richview but “no site is without problems” according to Breslin.

It is anticipated that UCD ball will not require an event license but will need an alcohol license which takes approximately six weeks to process. Breslin says that she is worried about tha

t ball and that every option that the Union looks in to has its complications, but she is confident that there are enough contingency plans in place.

Ents officer, Eoin Heffernan, agrees that health and safety risks are the biggest issues and the Gardaí need to be satisfied for a location to be confirmed. He is confident however that a location will be decided on within UCD.

The position of the Ents officer is uncertain at the moment as, according to the UCDSU constitution, the position will be abolished for the next academic term and the officer will be replaced by a full time professional in the role. There has been speculation that the officer position will be decided upon again by popular referendum, however, no referendum process has yet begun. The Union are questioning whether there is a desire among students to have an Ents referendum, but as of yet no signatures have been handed in to begin the referendum process.

-Peter Hamilton