Stevie Nicks, rock icon, songwriter, feminist… and a witch? Those familiar with the singer will also be familiar with the Rumours that plagued the singer from the beginning of her career. With allegations of critics hearing her speak in archaic tongues, to enchanting crowds and her penchant for black and witchy outfits, Nicks never seemed to be able to escape the conspiracy theories. Now at age 73, we can look back at her glorious career and see where all the witch stuff came from!

The singer had always had an affinity for Halloween since she was a small child. Dressing up was one of her favourite things to do and with her mother as a talented seamstress, Nicks revelled in all her handmade costumes and even dyed some of them black. In her late 20’s the singer, along with then-boyfriend Lindsey Buckingham would create the chart-topping and timeless band, Fleetwood Mac. Nicks achieved stardom primarily through her role as lead singer and as a songwriter for the band. 

Her excellent songwriting contributed largely to the band’s global success, and we can thank her for songs such as Dreams and Landslide. One of the bands’ hits, Rhiannon, became the smoking gun in the witch conspiracies. When performing the song she would introduce it as a song about a witch and the critics went crazy for it and this is where the rumours really spiralled. 

It was upon the release of the album ‘Rumours’, that, ironically, the rumours reached a point that Nicks actually did begin to worry as she started receiving concerning letters that made her fear for her life. She even said in the LA Times, “In the beginning of my career, the whole idea that some wacky, creepy people were writing, ‘You’re a witch, you’re a witch!’ was so arresting. And there I am like, ‘No, I’m not! I just wear black because it makes me look thinner you idiots.’” 

People were so eager to infer more from Nicks’ mystical stage persona and with Fleetwood Mac under financial and critical stress, she dropped the aesthetic almost completely, swapping her beloved black outfits for apricot ones. Alas, the rumours never truly died down but have become a favourite topic for interviews and talk shows.

Fortunately, it appears that Nicks, now 73 and with no plans of retiring on the horizon, has since embraced her style and witchy vibe. The icon even appeared in ‘Coven,’ the third season of American Horror Story, as herself playing a witch with renditions of Rhiannon, Seven Wonders,  and plenty of shawl twirling. She even blessed us with another appearance in the eighth season, ‘Apocalypse,’ and a rendition of Gypsy

Regardless of rumours, Nicks has been cemented as an icon for witch-lovers and shawl twirlers everywhere. During the Covid-19 pandemic, things have become a bit quieter around Nicks. She takes the pandemic extremely seriously and has cancelled a tour voicing concerns about her safety. She has said that the risk of not properly recovering from Covid and therefore no longer being able to sing and perform, would kill her. Stevie Nicks’ magical voice and aura will hopefully soon enchant and inspire the public again!

Angelina Pierce- Entertainment & Lifestyle Editor

Zara Castagna- Music Writer