Christina Wyse reviews Scorcese’s latest success about a young hedonistic wall street stockbroker..

Go and see this film. If not to witness a film break the record for the number of times the word ‘fuck’ is used (506), viagra go for the piece of eye-candy that is Margot Robbie (who incidentally gets naked). Let’s just say it’s no wonder she got a call from Mr. Heffner after he saw it. The film is set around the life of Jordan Belfort, ed a real life con-man who was earning $1 million a week by the age of 26. He was also taking drugs and leading quite an extravagant lifestyle involving many many prostitutes and midget-tossing competitions. This is where Scorcese has some real fun. This is a film that does not believe in leaving things to the imagination. That becomes quite clear when our friend Leo snorts Cocaine off of a lovely young lady’s bum. Who wouldn’t pay to see that? What might shock you the most is the fact that a lot of the misadventures depicted are actually true. Such as the scene where Belfort insists the captain of his yacht sail through choppy waters only to have the boat capsize resulting in them being rescued by the Italian Navy. Yes that actually happened to the real Jordan Belfort. As for the midget-tossing competitions who knows..While DiCaprio steals the show with his portrayal of the eclectic millionaire, Jonah Hill is not to go unmentioned. He plays Belfort’s right-hand man and frankly he could not have done a better job with this role. He even masturbates over the lovely Margot. Textbook Jonah Hill. It’s not all shits and giggles though as toward the second, darker half of the film we see Belfort’s life complicate immeasurably. When the FBI gets involved things start to get serious and this film touches back down to reality. While I will admit at times I wasn’t sure where the film was going and it did go on so long that people started getting up before the end to catch ‘the last bus home,’ I feel anything bad that anyone has to say about this film is overshadowed by a glorious scene towards the end following Leonardo DiCaprio taking some out-of-date drugs. Brace yourselves once Mr. DiCaprio enters the country club. That’s all i’ll say. This film gets a solid 8/10.