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By now, most of the Dubs reading this will have ventured to Pi. This new pizzeria has taken the city by storm, and has won many accolades. For those who still haven’t had the pleasure, here’s a taste of what you’re missing.  

If (when!) you go, choose a sunny day, or bring an umbrella; the line is often out the door at peak times. For those clever cookies out there, no, you can’t just book ahead and skip the queue. This place is walk-in only. Don’t let this deter you, as the line is worth the wait. 

pi pizza 1.jpg

I’ve had everything on the menu, so trust me when I say you can’t go wrong with any of the pizzas. I recommend the Portobello. Though not quite as tasty as their original Funghi one (why the hell did you change it Pi???), it’s really rather marvelous. Don’t like mushroom? Then I suggest the Nduja, the Margherita and the Pea & Pancetta, in that order!  

This meal is cheap if you don’t get a drink, but it’d be rude not to grab an ice-cold lemon San Pellegrino. They have some pretty decent craft beers if that tickles your fancy. 

pi 2.jpg

Dessert is restricted to a Chocolate Budino or Vanilla Ice Cream, with olive oil and some sea salt. As odd as the latter sounds, it’s succulent. If you are there as a couple, try both! 

Pi Pizzas do one thing; pizza. And, boy, they do it well. It’s cheap, cheerful, tasty and you watch your pizza being made right before your eyes!


Alex Lohier – Deputy Editor