Foals like to keep it old school.  They haven’t released an album since 2010, drugstore so their third album  has been greatly anticipated to say the least.  If you’re feeling slightly neglected, cialis fear not – Holy Fire will ease your pain.  Your three years of emails, tweets, flowers and haikus worked, it’s here and it is good.

If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.  So they haven’t.  Rhythm guitar, check.  Lyrics that speak to your soul, check.  Moments of pure unadulterated rock-magic performed by bearded geniuses, check and check.  The first single released from the album, “Inhaler” is like a welcoming hi-5 from the boys, “we’re back,” they’re saying (in my head).  Rhythm and bass form the foundation of this track and them bam, an explosion of electric powered rock magic and Yannis screaming “space.”  This is followed swiftly by “My Number,” a standout track on the album.  It truly is a classic Foals song.  Forget coffee – this song will get you out of bed and out the door better than any bean based substance, guitar work that can only be described as invigorating.  “Bad Habits” centres on a throbbing bass.  “Late Night” slows down slightly, it is the third single due to be released off the album.  Effortless, heart wrenching lyrics and a rare guitar solo from Yannis.  Things start to slow down as the album draws to a close and what a conclusion it is.  The final track is “Moon.”  A surreal, goose bump-inducing lullaby.

An album that was definitely worth the wait.  They have managed to create the freshest of material while at the same time remaining true to their sound.  Available to buy/download from the 11th of February, you’d be “Foalish” not to indulge.  Get it? Eh?

-By Kathryn Toolan