Disclaimer: In the print issue there is an error relating to the rankings. The rankings for the online version are correct.

Final exams are just around the corner. Schedules have been released and students are already studying, so the College Tribune has ranked the best study spots on campus. Studying is a no-brainer at this time of the year but have you thought about what the best study spot is? Finding a good study location can dramatically alter your mood or motivation to pick up those notes and start revising, so here are our top 5. 

5. Newman

If you happen to be in Newman and only have an hour block between classes, take advantage of that awkward time and take a seat on the Newman couches. While it may not be the most glamorous, Newman’s location is convenient if you study humanities since it is the centre of many classes. There are couches scattered throughout the building, along with two coffee shops. It may not be the most ideal space for a long-term study session, but it is a great place to take advantage of that extra time between classes.

4. The Village

The new construction of The Village has brought more anticipation for what new study spots will look like on campus. This space isn’t ideal for studying on your own; however, if you have a group project or need to run through a study guide with a partner, the UCD Village is your best spot. There is an abundance of tables surrounded by restaurants. If that’s too overstimulating for you, there are a few conference rooms on the first floor. Plus, after you’re done, nothing is better than rewarding yourself with a sweet treat from Centra after a long day of studying.

3. Richview Library

Richview is gorgeous if you are willing to walk a long way to get there. They are open almost everyday but close a bit earlier than the James Joyce Library. The long walk there gives you an opportunity to get some fresh air before hitting the books. It is in a lovely location and can be an escape if you live on the other side of campus. 

2. Quinn

Quinn’s brand-new building is attractive when looking for an innovative study spot. There are electrical outlets everywhere and comfortable seats. Additionally, if you are living on campus, it is near most residences. It is quite a popular study spot, so it can be difficult to find a seat and can be a bit noisy. That being said, if you manage to find a place or go when it’s empty, Quinn is perfect for plugging in your laptop and getting notes done. 

1. James Joyce Library 

The James Joyce Library is a classic option, as it is open late, has an abundance of space, and is filled with great resources. If you’re there during the day and need help, there’s a maths and writing centre. If you need social pressure to get off your phone and study, this is the quietest spot you’ll find with the most people. Additionally, the weekday hours reinforce a good boundary between work and home. Shutting down your computer at 11pm on a weekday to get an adequate amount of rest is the best way to maintain peak productivity during exam season.

Sara Allen – Campus Correspondent