Whether you’re a total coffee snob who scoffs at the notion of a Venti cappuccino from starbucks, or have just chugged your fourth cup of lidl brand instant coffee in order to finish that all important essay, there is no denying coffee is a staple of college life. With University College Dublin (UCD) students being spoiled for choice when it comes to café’s and coffee dispensers, The College Tribune has ranked the top 5 places to get a cup of joe on campus.

5. Bluebird café.

The bluebird café located in the Newman building is probably the sole reason why the arts building (along with their students) haven’t imploded on themselves. During the year, the café boasts an unparalleled atmosphere, as the place to be for a catch up with friends. However, if were keeping it real here, the coffee is bottom of the barrel. Paying near 3 euro for a compostable cup of brown water? Scandalous.

4. The Ag science basement café.

Let’s face it, you’re only here because you’ve spent all your money on 3 for 10-euro jagerbombs in Everleigh twice this week, and you’re one day out from payday. Look at you, you’ve hit rock bottom. However, the AG science gang are about to save your hangover. 1 euro for a cup of coffee. Utterly unheard of in Dublin. Tastes exactly like a bluebird coffee but with an unbeatable price and money going to support the Ag science society, you’d be mad not too.

3. The Sutherland building café.

So, you’ve taken the plunge. You’re about to enter Sutherland, just keep mentioning how your “internship with ‘Matheson’ last summer was so rewarding” and complain about the price of books, and no one will notice you’re just some English student who’s sick of bluebird. The café in Sutherland not only supplies top notch coffees but provides the most ambient surroundings to enjoy it with. Drink up, you’re one of UCD’s elites now.

2. Gather & Gather.

A new contender this year in UCD, Gather & Gather took over catering in the Hopkins food hall this year. With the removal of Starbucks (moment of silence for our south Dublin girlos), Gather & Gather have come in providing their own house blend of coffee, as well as guest blends on a regular basis. While the prices are a little steeper, it is an absolute peach of a coffee. The lovely staff bolster their position in this ranking too! *This is not a sponsored endorsement*.

1. The SU shop insomnia stand.

The crème de la crème for caffeine addicted students. In two locations, 1.40 for a reusable cup of genuinely decent coffee, and the price to taste ratio is unrivalled. What’s more impressive is the fact that insomnia beyond the walls of UCD is dreadfully overpriced and god awful. Maybe it’s the fact I’ve lived off the stuff since I was a nipper in first year, but this is the winner of The College Tribunes assessment of the best coffee spots in UCD.

Luke Murphy, Co-Editor.