The  UCDSU presidential elections will take place on November 22nd and 23rd. The elections will be held to fill the vacant spot of UCDSU President following the impeachment of Katie Ascough on October 26th. Currently Campaigns and Communications Officer Barry Murphy is acting President until a new President is elected.

Ms Ascough was impeached by 69% of the 6,500 students that voted for her last Thursday following the removal of information regarding abortion from the Fresher’s magazine ‘Wingin’ It’. The other 4 sabbatical officers came out against her and campaigned for her impeachment.

In a statement on the UCDSU Facebook page said “Following last week’s referendum, the UCDSU Returning Officer has called a Presidential By-election. Nominations are due 9th November, and elections will be held 22nd and 23rd November”.

It is not clear at the time of writing if any of the remaining sabbatical officers will run for the position. The newly elected President will have approximately 7 months in the job before the SU President for 2018/2019 takes over in June 2018.

Rachel O’Neill – Editor