New Years may have come and gone, and it might have even tried eating you up, but hey, there are still 11 more months to this year. Here’s 6 quick tips that won’t make you go, “Ugh, I wasted another year!” again.


  1. Clean your room. No, not just once, but regularly. A cleaner space does equal a cleaner mind.
  2. Read some stuff. It’s sad that our assignments have taken the place of a quiet evening with a book. Important as college work might be, leave aside time to read. UCD Library has a wealth of good reads, from classics to travelogues. Just go on OneSearch and try finding the title you’ve been looking for all this time. 
  3. Get up early. There is a famous saying that you aren’t being productive unless you finish half your day’s tasks by lunch time. It’s very simple: wake up early and hustle away. Don’t want to work right away? UCD Gym and Pool open at 6am on weekdays. 
  4. Be honest. Whether it is telling someone you are sorry for something you did or confessing your feelings to your crush – just do it and don’t overthink it. Human interactions are lasting. 
  5. Find a hobby and stick to it. Don’t try to be a Jack of all trades; we find contentment in spheres we delve into, not across. Like to garden? Check out UCD Horticulture Society. Want to learn to knit? Join UCD Purl Jam. Our campus has loads of skills you can latch onto in between hectic college days. 
  6. Be grateful. It’s fascinating how your life can turn 180 degrees when you start and end each day with feeling thankful for what you have. Too many people have experienced an awakening by cultivating this habit and we can’t ignore it!


Mallika Venkatramani – Arts & Lifestyle Editor