Niall Lane has been elected the new auditor of Dramsoc’s 86th session following a Term General Meeting and a Special General Meeting at 3pm Wednesday, treat October 3rd. The election was held for the position of Dramsoc auditor, which had been left vacant following the resignation of Enda Reilly. Mr Reilly had been elected as Auditor at the end of the 85th Session, but unexpectedly resigned at the end of September.

In a public statement released on the Dramsoc Facebook page on the 5th October it was stated that a vote had been taken and ‘the new auditor of Dramsoc’s 86th Session is Niall Lane’. The election was contested by both Niall Lane and Sahar Mohamed-Ali, current Public Relations Officer of the 86th committee. Each candidate began by making an address to over forty members of the society, of a total membership over 1000, and answering six allocated questions that were chosen before the election. Once concluded, a secret ballot was held resulting in Niall Lane being declared elected.

Societies Officer Richard Butler, who was present at the TGM, made an address following the committee member reports. He said that from his experience, “Enda worked very, very hard in his position and role, and I think that at a minimum the society owes him a vote of thanks.”  As he finished speaking the room burst into applause, raising queries about the allegations that, before his resignation, a surprise vote of no confidence in the former auditor had been called owing to an alleged lack of leadership. It is also alleged that at least one committee member has taken a moral leave of absence following the events which led to Mr Reilly’s resignation.

Since the auditor’s resignation on September 24th, the society has attempted to keep a low profile, only communicating with the public through its Facebook page and even stressing that members’ “discretion” was appreciated. Following this statement none of UCD’s media have been able to contact the society, with the Facebook page being the only source of information for members and the general public.

Following the election of Mr Lane, the College Tribune again attempted to contact the society. The new Auditor was emailed on both October 5th and 6th through the listed email account, firstly congratulating his election to the role and secondly asking if Mr Lane could clarify some information for the public aswell as society members. The College Tribune asked:

  • How do you [Mr Lane] plan assuming control, considering you were not involved with this committee up until now?
  • What is your opinion on the ‘discretion’ that Dramsoc has emphasised since the resignation of the former Auditor [Mr Reilly]?
  • Can you explain the absence of ISDA & External Shows Rep- Ross Gaynor from the Term General Meeting, why wasn’t this explained to the society members?

Attempts were also made to contact both the Public Relations Officer and the Theatre Manager through the advertised email accounts. Unfortunately by the time of publication no answers were forthcoming from the Society.

-Anthony Hughes