Adjust your humour setting to ‘dark’ as Cillian Fearon gives us a taste of what the first season of  Bojack Horseman has to offer. 


Bojack Horseman is the new Netflix Original comedy series which follows the turbulent life and wacky antics of washed up sitcom actor Bojack. The series follows the emotionally stunted Bojack Horseman, voiced by Will Arnett (Arrested Development) as he begins work on his tell-all memoir with the help of his ghost writer Diane Nguyen voiced by Alison Brie (Community).

This wonderfully written show examines many problems facing celebrities today, from abusive and exploitive paparazzi to crippling depression and self doubt. Bojack’s addiction to alcohol, sex, drugs, narcissism and self-loathing appear humorous at first but as you become more involved with the character you feel a profound sense of pity for him and start to root for him. The emotional involvement between the characters in Bojack Horseman highlight how crazy the world can be in terms of love, growing older, and handling our own self image.

It’s backed up by a star studded cast with Aaron Paul (Breaking Bad) voicing Bojack’s hilarious roommate Todd, along with many guest stars including Stanley Tucci, Olivia Wilde, Kristin Schaal, Aisha Tyler, Stephen Colbert, and Naomi Watts, to name but a few.

Fans of Archer and Bob’s Burgers will enjoy this show however it does tend to be on the emotional heavy side of humour. If you get past the first few episodes you will find you have fallen in love with the terribly flawed character of Bojack Horseman as he stumbles through this clever and witty critique of celebrity culture.

I give the show 3.5 out of 5 and recommend giving it a try if you’re interested in trying something new on Netflix. This show will warm your heart and make you laugh all the while highlighting the severe addition problems and interpersonal issues that plague the declining celebrities of this modern day culture.

– Cillian  Fearon