Tiger King

Limited Series

★ ★ ★ ★ ★ 

The series serves as an exposé on untold drama and crime surrounding the most influential players of the big cat community in the United States. I’m sure by now we have all heard about Joe Exotic, a man who seems to be somewhat of a mythological creature. He is naturally the main focus of the documentary – he knowingly says during the series: “people don’t come to see the tigers; they come to see me”. We learn the intimate details of his life and the history behind his private zoo, as well as his long-standing and bitter rivalry with a wildlife conversationalist, Carole Baskin. As the series unravels you are sucked into what could only be described as pure lunacy with people who almost don’t seem as if they could exist in reality. If anyone has recommended this show to you, take it seriously because the events that transpire must be seen to be believed. 

tiger king


Love, Death and Robots 


★ ★ ★ ★

A criminally underrated anthology series released on Netflix over a year ago; Love, Death and Robots tells at times extremely profound and at the least entertaining stories from a diverse set of story-tellers. The style of animation ranges across all different mediums and styles to consistently bring visually pleasing images to the viewer as they follow along with a narrative that involves love, death and robots or some combination of the three. In less than 17 minutes each, episodes such as ‘Good Hunting’, ‘Zima Blue’ and ‘Shapeshifters’ bring to light subjects of sexual assault, existentialism, discrimination and progression in a way that has truly never been done before. On the other hand, episodes such as ‘Alternate Histories’, ‘Suits’ and ‘Blindspot’ provide a more comedic perception of the future. Overall, each episode in itself will provide lasting entertainment despite such a short run time. 

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Pete Davidson: Alive From New York 


★ ★ ★ ★ 

Saturday Night Lives’ “resident young person”, Pete Davidson, has like so many other great comedians, been granted a Netflix comedy special and it does not disappoint. He delivers with controversial and off-colour humor as expected by him. The hour long special is filled with jokes that at times may make you question whether to laugh, but you do anyway as Davidson’s delivery cuts through the obscene topic and serves up comedic gold. He speaks candidly about his own life and provides us with a new meaning for self-deprecation. As he makes his way through his career, this special serves as a true highlight on his resume for the unique and raw ability Davidson has for stand-up. Whether he’s riffing about little known SNL behind the scenes stories, his dead dad or his break up with Ariana Grande, I guarantee you’ll find something to laugh about. 

Pete Davidson Comedy Special 2019
Pete Davidson Comedy Special 2019


Uncut Gems 


★ ★ ★ ★ ★

For the love of God, go see Uncut Gems. Honestly I could finish my review just there because I truly feel if you have not seen this movie at this point, you’re really missing out. This film is a masterpiece in every sense as the Safdie Brothers deliver another sharply directed and fast-paced crime thriller after their 2017 release, Good Time. As a long-time Adam Sandler fan who constantly looks past his egregious box-office failures, I am always outspoken when he gives an Oscar-worthy performance, which is exactly what he does in this film. As you watch you become entangled in the obsession driven life of the gambling addict and jeweler, Howard Ratner (Sandler), his choices lead him on a never-ending spiral. Particularly the final act of the film will make you crave more and as a result be addicted to the movie itself. 

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Danielle DerGarabedian – Film & TV Writer