Mental Health Week has been deferred. The event was supposed to take place from September 26th-28th but nothing ever materialised. Speaking to the Tribune via email UCDSU Welfare Officer Eoghan MacDomhaill explained that the deferral “Was due to a number of factors, primarily though due to the massive media presence at the time. I felt that any attempt to host a Mental Health week would be overshadowed by those events.”

The media presence on campus for the last few weeks relates to the “Winging It” reprint controversy and subsequent campaign to impeach UCDSU President Katie Ascough. The pressure on Ascough has yet to abate and it seems to be a growing distraction for many in the SU.

Mr. MacDomhaill also cited the current state of the quad as a reason for the deferral saying “The grounds of the quad had also been highly affected by the previous 3 weeks of tent cover, high volume of people and heavy machinery also wearing it down, therefore the venue itself was possibly going to be made unavailable.”

He continued “Plans are now in place to host the events of the week spread throughout the semester as a continuous look at mental health. Our information campaign is also being rolled out this week with information about mental health services inside and outside of UCD being advertised, with other services such as WalkSafe and the DRCC (Dublin Rape Crisis Centre) also being advertised.”

It has been a difficult few weeks for the SU as the “Winging It reprint controversy rolls on. It’s expected that the referendum on whether or not to impeach Ms Ascough will be called early this week. Ms Ascough will have to take a leave of absence in order to campaign against the referendum with Campaigns & Communications Officer Barry Murphy set to take over the role of President until the campaign is over.

Rachel O’Neill – Editor