UCD Philosophy Society will be hosting its inaugural lecture for 2013 on the 2nd of April which will be given by noted Professor Noam Chomsky titled, viagra ‘Can civilization survive really existing capitalism’. The event will be held at the O’Reilly Hall, in what is expected to be close to full capacity, roughly 1100 sitting. The event will be ticket only, with sales taking place this week.

The move to charge for attendance, according to the Society in response to public queries on their Facebook page, was the result of the cost of both renting the O’Reilly Hall and Professor Chomsky’s travel costs, “Unfortunately the hall, along with the flights and his accommodation are costing us a rather large amount of money. Hence the entry charge, which we have kept at the low price of 2 Euro.”

In order to avoid a rush upon the 2nd April, the Philosophy Society will be holding a membership recruitment stall in the Newman building between Monday 25th March and Monday the 1st April, “We’ll be running a stall for the Chomsky Talk from 10AM – 4PM all this coming week at the An Cuas section of the Newman Building – sign up there to avoid disappointment on the day.” The Society will be giving those who become society member, which involves a fee of €2, a ticket to the event.

Professor Chomsky, who teaches at Massachusetts Institute of Technology, is known for his contributions to Linguistics, most notably in the field of ‘Generative Grammar’, however the academic has also contributed to the studies of History, Philosophy and has acted as a Political Commentator and Activist. Professor Chomsky, has attended UCD in the past, in 2006 he gave a series of lectures ranging from Politics to Linguistics, all of which are available to listen to on the UCD website. The academic also visited in 2009 when he received an Honorary Life Membership from Lawsoc.

-Matthew H. Farrelly