A group known as Life Society UCD have launched a new social media campaign on their Facebook page. The group which were previously a recognised society in UCD have been dormant until the impeachment of former UCDSU President Katie Ascough which the group described as being “the straw that broke the camels back”.

The campaign consists of 4 videos which show Dr Anthony Levatino who claims to have carried out over 1,200 abortion procedures in the early part of his career in the 1980s explaining the various procedures behind abortion. He currently practices in New Mexico and currently sits on the medical advisory board for a group known as “Priests for Life” where some of his previous testimony can be found. When asked if the videos were medically and scientifically valid, the group responded “As it says at the end of each of the videos used in this campaign, they have been reviewed by physicians for medical accuracy.”

The group describe themselves as “a society which both explores and promotes activism on all pro-life issues, including abortion, euthanasia, gendercide and countless other issues”.  The group are launching their #AbortionFacts campaign this week to coincide with the Oireachtas Committee due to vote this week on whether a referendum on the 8th Amendment should go ahead. The group said “#AbortionFacts campaign aims to focus on the unbiased scientific facts surrounding abortion. “Life Society UCD hopes that UCD Students’ Union and UCD For Choice will follow their example by providing scientific facts on abortion prior to a referendum on the 8th Amendment. The videos are being released separately and are short enough to be consumed during a well-needed study break during the exam season.”

The group have decided to remain anonymous for the time being.  When questioned on this by the Tribune a spokesperson explained “Given the ferocious nature with which pro-life students in the public eye have recently been dealt, the group has decided, for now, to remain anonymous. At this time we feel that we can more effectively represent the alternative view if we are free from the risk of ad hominem attacks. We sincerely hope that this will change in Semester 2 and that pro-life students will feel safe to publicly declare their views on the matter without the risk of attack.”

Rachel O’Neill – Editor