pharmacy serif;”>From fashion to film, Emma Nolan explains exactly why we worship Juno Temple.    

This week we’re loving Juno Temple. This style savvy chica is best known for her roles in critically acclaimed movies like Kaboom, Atonement and Cracks, to name a few. At the moment she’s in the spotlight for her upcoming roles in The Three Musketeers, The Dark Knight Rises and Dirty Girl in which she plays the leading role. But her recent Dazed and Confused cover and her edgy photo-shoots for controversial celebrity photographer Tyler Shields have our style senses tingling about this one. The 22 year old has us fascinated by her own quirky image, she seems utterly fearless in her approach to dressing and choices of attire; an admirable quality.








Juno is a self-confessed “homeless person” when it comes to her everyday personal aesthetic, which is true, but her daring yet careless attitude towards fashion is what results in her personal style being so intriguing. This “hobo-chic” Temple so effortlessly carries off consists of her carefully selecting different textures and layering them in a creative way which demonstrates her natural flare for style. Still the hobo look isn’t all Juno has to offer when it comes to what she’s wearing. Her more polished award show looks never fail to disappoint us, pretty much hitting the nail on the head every time. As a Miu Miu ambassador, her wardrobe is ladened with the brand, and its influence on her is noteworthy in her own clothing personality.


Miu Miu the label itself perfectly encapsulates Juno Temple’s unique style with its modern and sensual aura, it, like Temple is playful yet refined, possessing an eccentric demeanour whilst maintaining that sophistication she so abundantly radiates.


Favouring a taste for film roles on the quirkier side, Juno shows that she’s not your run of the mill generic Hollywood girl. She enticed us as Lola Quincey in Atonement and her portrayal of the jealous Di in Cracks was superb. These serious roles demonstrate her stunning acting ability while her more playful roles in comedies Year One, Wildchild and St. Trinians show us a different side to her and illustrate her versatility as an actress. Some of her more obscure, yet highly praised films in which she starred include Mr. Nobody with Jared Leto, Glorious 39, and Kaboom.


On screen and off, she fascinates; her ethereal beauty combined with her edgy style and interesting roles serve to cement her “it-girl” status.


How to get Juno Temple’s look you ask? To achieve Juno’s distinctive style, aim for bold patterns. She is a huge fan of decorative prints and patterns. Evoking a sense of decadent luxury, this season designers such as Mary Katrantzou, Balenciaga and Juno’s beloved Miu Miu, featured lavish designs in their runway shows. From the humble polka dot, to ornate swirls and elaborate florals, this is a trend which can be achieved easily from the high street and from a root through your favourite charity shops to attain that Temple flare. Juno loves to mix her textures, combining woollen pieces with silks and mesh, in the same colour. This is a terrific way to add depth to an outfit. The same technique can be applied for mixing patterns too, and Juno is definitely a fan.


Like most girls though, she is a huge fan of heels. Pairing them with the shabbiest ensembles to add an unexpected feminine touch, and the higher the better. Key elements in Juno’s wardrobe are leopard print pieces and her leather jacket (a girl after my own heart), which will add that bad girl element to any outfit.


Her unconventional sense of style, her talent, beauty and all round alluring charisma is why we’re loving Juno Temple this week; definitely one to watch.