Nina Divito is the embodiment of the expression ‘home-grown talent.’ This Irish fashion genius has taken the world by storm with her luxurious footwear collection. The displays in Brown Thomas are constantly being oggled by the Irish population, remedy and pairs have been spotted on stars as bright as Alexa Chung and Jemma Kidd. Her shoes represent femininity, hospital seductiveness and confidence. These qualities inspired Nina in her work as she set out to create a collection which would instil them in every woman.

Born in Dublin, Nina started by studying fine art in IADT and soon moved to London College of Fashion to study in their prestigious shoe-making course. While working for various designers, Nina began painting shoes as a hobby. Before long, she had lists of clients waiting for her prints and original works, drawn in by the vibrant colours and dreamy proportions. These creative fashion portraits were soon collected by the likes of Beyonce, and so Nina finally decided to transform her designs into the real thing. Having had a love of feminine shoes since she was a little girl, her positive experiences displaying her pieces in exhibitions only made her dream of bringing her creations to life even stronger. She sought advice from the experts, such as Christian Louboutin, who sent her on a life-changing journey to Italy where she found highly skilled manufacturers. She went on to woo and inspire the craftsmen of Chanel footwear in Venice, who matched her passion for beauty and elegance. While spending months working with her creators, Nina was given free reign to experiment with every type of silhouette, fabric and garnishing including Napa-leather, real feathers and snakeskin. The starlet already had groups of buyers clamouring to get their hands on her shoes. After becoming a household name for fashion-followers, Nina opened her first boutique in Dublin in 2010 to crowds of flocking fans. Even those on a tight budget visited just to admire the wonderland of artwork.

Nina’s profound love of what she does is truly inspiring. She has been known through her new career to promote the idea of wearing what you love. When commenting on her latest collection, she stated that her work draws in the relationship between a woman and her shoes. Shoes can grace women with empowerment, sexiness and a high level of class. This spirit has transcended beautifully into her designs, as they flirt with the eye in such a feminine way.

Today, Nina’s collections are the most personal on the market. She stays close to home by naming each design after people in her life, such as the ‘Nico’, which is a Hollywood vintage tribute to her sister. There’s a unique aspect to her work that anyone can spot when opening the sleek black box and crisp pink tissue – the detail done by hand. With a pleat here, a ruffle there, and a hint of lace, she manages to achieve a certain classic, vintage-like appeal along with fun, girly silhouettes that can’t be found anywhere else.

By Emily Kielthy