Some of you may have heard the rumours that UCD’s pool isn’t what it seems. The most popular stories going around tell a hilarious story, but is it true?

Rumour 1: The UCD Pool was built to an Olympic standard, but then was tiled which made it slightly shorter.

Rumour 2: The UCD Pool was deliberately constructed to be about a foot shorter so they wouldn’t have to hold Olympic swimming events at the university.

UCD Pool Mythbuster

Dominic O’Keefe, Director of Student Services and Facilities at UCD, dismissed these whispers as “pure rumour and nonsense.”

As Project Coordinator on the construction of the Student Centre, O’Keefe oversaw the pool’s certification when it was built ten years ago. “I can categorically tell you that the [UCD] pool is a FINA approved 50-metre pool,” he told The College Tribune, saying it is suitable for “timed Olympic events”.

The Fédération Internationale de Natation (FINA) moderates swimming competitions at an international and Olympic level and oversees the measuring of new pools.

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O’Keefe says they are “not going to hold the Olympics in UCD” as they don’t have enough facilities such as seating, but if a swimmer wanted to have a timed qualification at UCD, he says the pool has been “measured perfectly” for this. The Director has heard the rumour in the past, but says he always corrects people on the facts.

The College Tribune later requested a copy of the FINA certificate, but the document is yet to be produced to us. Dun…Dunn…DUNNN.

We declare this UCD Myth: IMPLAUSIBLE

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Conor Capplis – Senior Reporter