Law students who wish to vote in the UCDSU Presidential Impeachment Referendum will be unable to do so in their own building. Instead, they must go to the Quinn building in order to cast their ballot.

All undergraduate Business, Law, and Business & Law students have to vote in Quinn. The polling station is open between 9:15am to 5:15pm. All students can also vote in Newman between 6pm to 8pm tomorrow evening.

This is the first time in three years that Law students will be unable to vote in their own building. The Sutherland School of Law opened in late 2013, but Law students had to vote in Quinn for the UCDSU Sabbatical Elections in 2014.

UCDSU President Mícheál Gallagher told the University Observer at the time that the decision to omit a polling station from Sutherland was made solely by the Returning Officer, and was not due to a financial matter. Since then, there has always been a polling station in Sutherland for UCDSU votes.

The lack of a polling station in Sutherland will be another challenge for the two campaign teams. While turnout has been high so far, both sides have recognised that there is a percentage of students who are not interested in voting.

The College Tribune contacted the UCDSU Returning Office yesterday afternoon for a comment on the issue, but is yet to receive a response.


Cian Carton – Editor