viagra serif;”>To the average Joe, ask Il Divo in Italian means ‘divine male performer’ but many linguists will argue that it means ‘complete shite’. Wicked Game is the sixth studio album by the operatic pop group with the sole purpose of urinating on the eye of your cd player. The album will be released on November 28th 2011.

Sex with the average UCD student is like an opera. Nobody knows what’s really going on, and it ends with someone fat screaming really loud. The album itself doesn’t build on their previous work but serves up the same crock of bollocks as the last six. The best part of having operatic wailing on your iPod is that you no longer have to imagine a man orgasming into a microphone for 4mins at a time, you can buy it in HMV for the princely sum of a tenor.


Although the album itself was well composed, it couldn’t compose myself from carving ‘no more’ into my forearm with a rusty Stanley blade. Opera is an art form that acquires great talent, but to integrate pop songs from Mariah Carey and other pop tarts, degrade the tradition to nothing more than your grandmothers stale tripe. On 2nd September the group announced on their website that their new album ‘Wicked Game’ would be released in the near future. Carlos describes the recording of the new album as “unbelievable – you can really hear the evolution. And that connection between us, the way that the combination produces magic, it’s stronger than ever.” He was taken to hospital soon after.

It’s ironic that the first song is called ‘Melancholia’, because that’s how I felt from the off. It’s boring and pedantic, and I’m sure fans of Opera would find it an insult to their highly skilled genre. The song ‘Don’t cry for me Argentina’ is particularly painful, the Argentinians would not only weep, but smother their children with plastic bags and decide to cease existence as a nation. Buy it for your mother….. if you have a craving to make her mentally unstable.

1/10                                                                                                                                                        Ryan Cullen