Twenty years after its post-war rebirth, viagra sale Berlin is a beautiful and effortlessly cool city. I could list so many things that a visitor to Berlin absolutely has to do, cialis sale but it would be the size of this paper.

Picking out a handful, I would recommend visiting the Berlin Wall, the Nuremberg Gate, the Potsdamer Platz, the Holocaust Memorial, and Museum Island. A boat trip down the river Spree can’t be missed either. For me, I think three things are essential for any wannabe-Berliner: get a bike, go to see the Reichstag, and go on a night out to Tresor.

Everyone in Berlin travels around on their bike, looking relaxed and metropolitan. You too can join in looking effortlessly cool by renting a bike from one of numerous shops or hostels, from €10 – €12 for 12 hours. The bike will be the tourist guide you never had or could not afford – it will take you everywhere and anywhere in Berlin. Most places of interest to any tourist are very near each other and the bike is the cheapest and most enjoyable option to see them all. It is extremely worthwhile.

Next I would recommend visiting the Reichstag and the area directly around it. The Reichstag is the government building of Germany located just past the Brandenburg Gate. It is a spectacular building to look at. It has a glass dome at the top that is meant to have the best view of Berlin.

The Reichstag offers the opportunity to have a tour of the building, which includes showing you Angela Merkel’s actual desk. You can also go up to the glass dome to see Berlin in all its glory. There are beautiful gardens located around the Reichstag that allow you to sit and lounge around or have lunch.

The John F. Kennedy museum is also located near here, inspired by the ever famous phrase “Ich bin ein Berliner”.

The night life of Berlin is without a doubt out of this world. It is poles apart from Dublin. Firstly, drinking in public is legal in Berlin so having pre drinks on the way is not a problem.

It is also legal to smoke indoors and drink is so cheap that you might think you have heard the bartender wrong. Tresor is a must for anyone wanting to have a taste of the Berlin nightlife, there is nothing like it in Ireland. It is a techno club in an abandoned power station with corridors like industrial mazes that join the numerous dance floors and rooms.

I remember arriving there at midnight and thinking only a few hours had past when I decided to go outside for some air. It was five am at that time and the party was still going strong, as if it was still only just past midnight.

When I left at seven am, the craic was still mighty. Locals told me that the nightclub closes when everyone leaves, which is around nine or ten in the morning.

Overall, Berlin is a fantastic city that everyone must visit. However, it did have some bad points. One blemish on my visit to Berlin was Checkpoint Charlie, which seemed to have been ruined by commercialism.

For such an important symbol of Germany’s divided past, it had been ruined by attempts to turn it into a blatant money-making scheme. For example, two people dressed up as American soldiers were located beside it and would take a picture beside you for €30.

In Berlin, where most things were very cheap, this seemed like such a disgrace. Adding to the disappointment, there is a McDonald’s right beside the checkpoint.

Apart from this, Berlin should most certainly be on every single person’s bucket list.

Dawn Lonergan