check serif;”>The College Tribune has received reports that a number of posters belonging to current LawSoc auditor candidate, Paul Hutchinson, have gone missing. It has believed that somewhere between 100 and 150 posters can no longer be accounted for.

“About halfway through postering some of my team said that we’ve got no more posters, so we looked in the bag and there was nothing,” Hutchinson informed the Tribune. Sinéad Rooney, one of the other candidates in the race said, “I think it’s atrocious, whoever did it is disgraceful and I know nothing about it. I spoke to my campaign team and they know nothing either.”

Chris Lee believes that it couldn’t have been his team because they were more pre-occupied with putting up posters where possible as “our team was smaller than the other teams.” “I deny that it was our team…I don’t think any of the candidates are actually capable of stealing posters,” Lee told the Tribune.

“One of the guys asked librocop if he had seen anything and he said that they would review the security on campus even for my own peace of mind,” said Hutchinson. Lee believes that “more likely than not, they were just lost or misplaced or taken by someone not involved in the election accidentley.”

With the election taking place on Wednesday 15th of February the loss of roughly 100 posters is a setback to Paul Hutchinson and will require the use of extra funds to attain an additional amount of posters. 

Peter Hamilton