Lidl’s Vegan range

The German budget supermarket is leading the way in providing affordable, vegan-friendly alternatives.

Eatyard Re-opening

Bernard Shaw’s popular Eatyard market will be re-opening March 2nd. Upcoming events at Eatyard include a Cheese and Wine Festival (March 23rd and 24th) and a Crisp Festival (June 16th and 17th) which will feature events such as DIY crisp sandwich making and a bottomless crisp brunch!

SLICE Stoneybatter

The Stoneybatter café is known for their extravagant donuts that are available for limited periods only – their most recent invention is a Kimberly Mikado donut that is sure to be a sell-out! Previous creations range from Crunchie-inspired to a Loop the Loop donut! The Dublin 7 café boasts a solid brunch menu also, available 9-5 every Saturday and Sunday.



Aramark Catering

A group named ‘Aramark Off UCD Campus’ launched on February 7th and are aimed at boycotting Aramark Catering. The group states that ‘UCD students do not condone the presence on campus of a business who profit from asylum seekers living in direct provision’. Aramark catering run a number of food outlets on campus, including the main UCD canteen, Chopped and Subway and own a number of food outlets in Ireland, including Avoca.

Dublin Power Outage

A power outage in Dublin city centre last week led to serious food waste and losses of sales for local cafés and shops.

Processed meat

Processed meat has been classified as a carcinogen since 2015, as it is known to cause cancer, by the International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC), a branch of the World Health Organisation (WHO). As a Group 1 carcinogen, processed meat is an established carcinogen to humans and is placed in the same category as asbestos and tobacco.

Ciara Landy – LifeStyle Editor