With summer well and truly over and the memory of empty purses, pilule cold toes and rumbling tummies creeping back upon us, sovaldi here are some beauty hacks to keep you looking fabulous all year round.


1. Before you become completely impoverished, invest in a good skincare regime. Trust me… UCD campus can sometimes feel like the windiest place in Ireland and come early December, the library’s air conditioning will leave your skin feeling as distressed as you feel about the looming exams. Personally, I can’t recommend Cetaphil products enough. Suitable for almost all skin-types and with a price tag under €15, what’s not to love?

2. Don’t splash on expensive mascara!  You really should throw it out after three months – no excuses. But you don’t have to reach for the falsies just yet- try dusting your lashes with a little powder between coats to make them longer and more voluminous. Apply talc or any kind of finishing powder over lashes with an eye shadow brush… et voilà!

3. Always keep a tub of Vaseline in your beauty bag. You would be amazed at how versatile this this little blue pot can be! Rub a little into the cracks of your ankles, knees and elbows when self-tanning for a more natural looking finish or smooth it over your eyelashes and brows to boost growth.

4. Just when you thought water problems couldn’t become anymore taxing, dull and lifeless hair will come strolling into your life. Residue and build up as a result of washing your hair in Dublin’s hard water supplies can leave it looking and feeling underappreciated. For a quick fix try rinsing hair in vinegar or lemon juice, after shampooing, as this will bring it back to life by balancing out its PH.


Susanna Morgan