Pitt Bros

George’s Street, Dublin

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George’s Street makes yet another appearance in the College Tribune food column, this week in the form of Pitt Bros BBQ. As the name suggests, this casual eatery caters to the tastebuds of people looking for some smoky, meaty goodness. Their menu features sublime cuts of meat, slowly and lovingly smoked over a wood fire for up to 12 hours. Pair it with a cold beer and some rays of sun, that’s a match made in heaven. 

Bar the Fallafel Bun burger, there’s no faffing here in regards to accommodating non-meat eaters. Pitt Bros is unashamedly (rightly so) proud of their quality, locally butchered Irish meats. This passion shines through in the taste of each dish. I had the Pitt Bros Original Ribs and, well, despite the huge portion, I had no qualms with finishing the whole rack. We went as a large group, and I had a taste of what the others got. The pulled pork and half chicken are great, as are the mac and cheese, fries and burnt end beans sides. Don’t go for the bone marrow mash or slaw; both are mediocre at best and pale in comparison to the aforementioned. Pitt Bros also have a self-serve ice-cream machine for dessert. As if that’s not cool enough; it’s completely free. It’s hard to beat the taste, and more specifically the enjoyment, of a cold 99 after a barbecue. 

The team is extremely accommodating, which should not be overlooked; I went with a group of 14 people, and they bent over backwards to seat us together and ensure our food came out at the same time. As Dublin’s self-proclaimed ‘’first BBQ joint’’, Pitt Bros has a heritage to live up to. Fortunately, in my humble opinion, Pitt Bros lives up to its reputation. All in all, I’d highly recommend a visit to this place; good food, great beers and a chill atmosphere make for a great experience all round. My only critique would be the lack of an outdoor area, which would really make this the perfect place for a quiet get-together, but hey, in Dublin that might be too much to ask for. 


Alex Lohier – Deputy Editor

pitt bros