A recent political phone poll has been performed on behalf  RTÉ’s Sean O’Rourke Programme. The Paddy Power/Red C survey, thumb which was conducted earlier in the week, shows some interesting developments and changing attitudes toward certain political groups.  The poll in question surveyed 1,002 voters via landline and mobile phones.


Fine Gael gained three favourable percentage points, rising to 24%. Labour gained two percentage points for a total of eight percent. Independents gathered 28% of votes, while the Green Party garnered one percent. Fianna Fáil support dropped by one percentage point from its previous polling results to 18%, while Sinn Féin dropped three percentage points to a total of 21%. Twelve percent of voters expressed ‘number 1’ support for an alliance of independents, while a Fianna Fáil/Fine Gael combination only drew 15% support. Those who identified as undecided voters attributed to 13% of the survey body.


Lucinda Creighton’s untitled political group made an appearance in the survey, garnering one percent of the 28% of the Independent vote. The ‘Reboot Ireland’ project earned six percent favorability as well as a possible new organization.


With reference to party leaders, approval percentages appear to be reducing.  Gerry Adams of Sinn Féin, whose approval rating is at 27%, has a rating that has dropped seven percentage points since last year. Enda Kelly also experienced two point percentage drop. Michéal Martin, whose last rankings showed him at 33%, show a two percent decline in the most recent poll numbers. Joan Burton, who is new to the political scene, matches Martin at 33%.


Of the issues taking center stage, same-sex marriage equality is shaping up to be the major topic of the near future.  With the upcoming Marriage Equality referendum, surveyors were asked if they would be in support of or opposed to same-sex marriage.  Of the respondents, 76% expressed support for marriage equality. Strong support was expressed by all groups of voters and social classes, with the strongest support votes stemming from the Labour Party, whose support is surveyed at 86% points. Individuals aged 18-24 expressed a 90% approval rating for same-sex marriage as well.


By Emina Dedic