Recently the Department of Jobs, Enterprise, and Innovation has launched an investigation into allegations made by a whistleblower in the state body Enterprise Ireland. The allegations relate to possible instances of corruption and sexual harassment which occurred in the late 1990s.

Enterprise Ireland is tasked with encouraging and supporting Irish businesses that look to export and expand. It does this largely through the allocation of grants. Among the allegations against Enterprise Ireland there are suggestions of preferential treatment in the allocation of grants during the late 1990s. It raises questions over the amount of oversight at the state body, given that last year Enterprise Ireland gave out €321 million of taxpayers’ money, mostly for enterprise development.

Currently there have been no formal complaints filed with the Gardai or any employment rights bodies. Allegations pertaining to the same time period were raised in the past and investigated by Forbairt but were dismissed due to a lack of evidence. Senior officials at Enterprise Ireland have investigated the current allegations but have yet to find any evidence to substantiate the claims. Richard Bruton’s Department of Jobs, Enterprise, and Innovation are currently investigating another allegation made by a whistleblower in relation to offshore accounts and the finances of a number of senior politicians.