Electric Picnic may have happened about a month ago but we still can’t stop listening to the artists that performed this year. Our Music Correspondent, Holly Hunt, offers a list of artists as well as songs you should add to your playlist!

Whether you attended this year’s festival or decided to stay dry for the weekend, Electric Picnic provided one of the most inclusive lineups for Irish artists and alternative or underground acts. The lineup featured a variety of musicians where they were provided with a platform to showcase their music at one of Ireland’s biggest festivals.  

Perfume Genius: 

Following the release of his latest album Ugly Season, Perfume Genius has solidified his place as one of the most idiosyncratic artists of the moment. Unafraid to experiment with sound, Perfume Genius has assembled some of the most memorable and nonpareil songs within contemporary music. He defies strict genre conventions by constructing music that is both highly-distinctive and powerful. As such, it is difficult to pin down his exact genre as he mingles several together. The best way to understand this is by listening to his music. Any of his songs are guaranteed to remain in your head long after you have finished listening. 

For Your Playlist:

  • Wreath
  • Without You
  • Queen


Kynsy is one of the most talented and unique artists to emerge from the contemporary Irish music scene. The innovative instrumentation she incorporates paired with her distinctive voice makes for extremely enjoyable listen. What makes her music so resonant, however, is the poignant and deeply personal lyrics that underscore the instrumentation. There seems to be a highly cathartic element ingrained in her lyrics. The music she composes will no doubt make you excited for the future of Irish music. All of her songs would make a great addition to your future playlists, but here are a few! 

For Your Playlist:

  • Happiness Isn’t a Fixed State
  • Elephant in the Room


Irish band Gurriers made their presence known at the Salty Dog stage at Electric Picnic. An amalgamation of post-punk and indie rock, Gurriers fuse songs with a hard, bellicose vocals paired with a mingling of rock and shoegaze undertones. Their music is expertly crafted and is reminiscent of both IDLES and My Bloody Valentine. Supporting Chappaqua Wrestling in their upcoming UK tour, Gurriers are definitely ones to look out for in the coming months! 

For Your Playlist:

  • Top of the Bill
  • Boy

Joy Crookes: 

Following the release of her widely successful debut album Skin, Joy Crookes creates music that is nostalgic, soulful and melancholic. What makes her music so enthralling is her captivating and soulful voice. Her highly distinctive voice is redolent of soulful singers from times gone by. For fans of Aretha Franklin and Amy Winehouse, Joy Crookes is definitely the next artist to add to your playlist. 

For Your Playlist:

  • Trouble
  • Feet Don’t Fail Me Now
  • When You Were Mine

Overall, this year’s Electric Picnic exposed the multitude of alternative and underground talent that is emerging within the contemporary music scene. Whether you attended or not, there is definitely a huge variety of musicians for you to explore and hopefully find your next favourite song.  

You can also listen to all these songs on our Spotify! Click here for our “Electric Picnic Artists You Should Know” playlist: https://open.spotify.com/playlist/6uMmyljlZ0cPGc8feO7IBw

Holly Hunt – Music Correspondent