Welcome to Issue 2 of the College Tribune with your intrepid editors Aaron and Muireann at the helm. It’s been a whirlwind of a fortnight since our first issue went to print. Aaron fearlessly battled the winds of Storm Ali to distribute our first issue across campus. Sadly, he ran out of endurance before reaching the Ag Science building (If any Ags spent the week frantically searching for the stack of Tribune issues in their building, we sincerely apologise for the inconvenience caused).

We attended a presentation by the UCD students that are developing Ireland’s first satellite, that was equally enjoyed by Aaron, a self-proclaimed tech nerd, and Muireann, whose knowledge of space comes almost entirely from the film Apollo 13.

On Monday, we packed into Theatre Q to hear President Miggeldy speak. We managed to stay until he finished his lecture, before both rushing off to other events – Muireann to see Arctic Monkeys and Aaron to a party vote to reelect Miggeldy.

For those looking for an update on Aaron and Muireann’s continued efforts to find someone to use last year’s excess paper’s, Horticulture Society had agreed to bring some wheelbarrows over to the office and whisk them away, but our plans were, once again, thwarted by the bad weather. (Post the printing of Issue 2, we finally managed to transport some papers to the horticulture society’s secret garden!)

When you’re all caught up on the news, you can find more of Aaron’s writing in the Business Section where he breaks down how free trade works and more of Muireann in the Politics section where she tells you why you really should be concerned for Brazil’s political future.

In the music section, we’re debuting a new style of article thought up by music editor Niall in which writers contribute their ideas on a particular music topic as if sending messages in a group chat. This issue’s controversial topic: the phenomenon of Brockhampton and their homegrown success.

In the film section, see our Science editor Richéal make a foray out of her section to write about how Crazy Rich Asians brought a spark of originality to the often stale template of the romcom.

In the first of our auditor interviews, Muireann spoke to everyone’s favourite gaeilgoir and this year’s Cumann Gaelach Reachtaire Hugh Carr about what he has planned for the year.

Enjoy this issue, as our treasured Tribune team march towards Issue 3. In the meantime, you can catch us on Belfield FM on our show The Paper Round with the Observer boys at 12pm on Mondays.


By Muireann O’Shea & Aaron Bowman – CoEditors