Eleven candidates have been nominated to contest the upcoming UCDSU Sabbatical elections. Two positions, cialis SU President and Entertainments Officer, will be uncontested this year.

Current UCDSU Welfare Officer Rachel Breslin is the only candidate running for the position of Students’ Union President. Breslin is adamant that the fact that she is running uncontested will not change the nature of her campaign.”It’s important that I try make every single student aware of my ideas and plans just as before”, Breslin stated.

However she acknowledged that a RON campaign could pose a realistic threat.”Running against RON can be difficult because you are running against people’s perceptions of an ideal president. I hope to exceed these expectations and look forward to the campaign”, she said.

Eoin Heffernan remained the only candidate running for the position of Entertainment Officer when nominations closed this evening.

Shane Comer and Patrick Wolohan will vye for the position of Education Officer alongside Sam Geoghegan, who will fight for re-election.

Comer said that the nominations for Education Officer were interesting considering both Geoghegan and Wolohan currently hold positions in the Education and Gender and Equality offices respectively.

“I don’t see that as any advantage to them or disadvantage to me”, he said. “I’m looking forward to the campaign and will hit the ground running.”

Welfare is a two horse race this year with Mícheál Gallagher and Enda Conway fighting it out for the office which was solely contested by female candidates in 2011.

Karl Gill, Paddy Guiney, Aisling Sheerin and James Atkinson will compete for the Campaigns and Communications office.

Students also have the option to vote to Reopen Nominations (RON) if they are dissatisfied with the candidates campaigns.

Stephen West

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