Residences Masterplan

UCD is pressing ahead to begin work on its Residences Masterplan which will add hundreds of student beds to the campus. An Bord Pleanala granted permission for Phases 1 and 2 of the Masterplan in January, subject to a number of conditions. Several of these require approval by the Planning Authority before work can begin. UCD is seeking approval of compliance with conditions 8, 12, 13, and 14.

Condition number 8 states that ‘details of the materials, colours and textures of all the external finishes to the proposed buildings shall be submitted to, and agreed in writing with, the Planning Authority prior to commencement of development.’

Numbers 12 and 13 cover waste management plans. All ‘construction and demolition waste shall be managed in accordance with a construction waste and demolition management plan’, to be set out with another one ‘containing details for the management of waste within the development, including the provision of facilities for the storage, separation and collection of the waste and, in particular, recyclable materials.’

Condition 14 requires UCD to advance a construction management plan which ‘shall provide details of intended construction practice for the development, including hours of working, noise management measures and off-site disposal of construction/demolition waste.’

Ardmore House

UCD has now applied for the Fire Safety and Disability Access Certificates for Ardmore House. President Andrew Deeks wants to move his office into the building by the end of 2018. Initial plans were delayed when the Council requested a bat survey be carried out and the designs be amended to include seven bicycle parking spaces. The Council has received the additional information and is expected to make a decision shortly.

UCD has also applied to the Council to retain a piece of land beside Wynnsward Drive, within the campus, for coach parking. It wants the Council to recognise the area is used for coach parking and permit it to carry out ‘associated works to formalise and make permanent the coach parking area.’

The old Belfield Bar was used as a UCard hub following its closure. UCD wants to alter the building to ‘provide for interalia post office accommodation for UCD’, while it wants to alter the ‘upper ground floor level of the restaurant building to provide for office accommodation.’ The Council has granted time extensions for the two applications for Fire Safety Certificates.

Cian Carton – Editor