The College Tribune has been informed, discount that UCD’s Belfield FM will be closed for the next week to facilitate a technical repair.

Speaking exclusively to the Tribune tonight Belfield FM’s auditor Samuel O’Connor had this to say ‘A vital piece of transmitting equipment was damaged last week. We have sent the unit off for examination and repair, for sale and hope to have the issue resolved within the next week, pilule

When questioned over the cause of the damage, O’Connor admitted that it had not yet been ascertained, but did comment that the station is treating it as ‘negligence on the part of one of the producers,’

O’Connor went on to tell the Tribune that the unit had been sent way for inspection by the sound engineers who installed the studio
‘We are hopeful their their techs will be able to repair it at a minimal cost to the society,’

O’Connor expressed the hope that the issue can be resolved during the time of the closure, and that broadcasting can resume to normal as soon as possible.