Following the closure of the Belfield FM studio on 25th February  the society is hoping to reopen soon. The newly elected Station Manager, Jonathan Byrne, admitted to the College Tribune that Belfield FM had experienced a “tough year”.

“The closure of the pod has capped off a tough year for Belfield FM members. We have been very unlucky with equipment failures this year in particular.” stated Byrne.

The Belfield FM studio, known as ‘the pod’, was closed earlier in the year by the Societies Officer due to the studio being left unsupervised for periods of time.

Byrne and the newly elected Belfield FM committee understand why this was done although defend their outgoing committee. “We understand the risk of leaving the pod unattended could give rise to a similar occurrence happening. Again, the outgoing committee were placed in an unfortunate situation. The majority of committee members were in their final year so it was a big ask for them to be present in the pod at all times.”

According to Byrne, the new committee have already put in place the necessary requirements to reopen the studio; this includes submitting a document detailing the committees plans on how they plan to “move the society forward”. This document is required by the Societies Officer before the re-opening of the studio can occur.

Byrne also states that Belfield FM are “keen to return to broadcasting as swiftly as possible” and understands the effect of the closure of the studio has on those involved in the radio station.

Byrne finally cements his and the committee’s desire to reopen the studio by stating, “Our priority as a committee for the remainder of the semester was to return to broadcasting with an effective supervision method but it is important members understand the delay is out of our hands.”