For many of us, going to a beauty salon can be a wonderful way to relax and escape from the world for an hour or two. Be it a manicure, a brow treatment, a facial or even a spot of tinting, there is a multitude of ways for us to pamper ourselves when we’re feeling in need of some TLC. However, the cost of these treatments can be prohibitive for students and non-students alike, particular in Dublin salons. Let’s face it; we all want a little luxury in our lives without having to do without the bare essentials for the rest of the week!

Despair not, because our old faithful Penneys has answered our cries. From September 29th, Penneys Mary Street will be debuting their brand new Love Beauty Brow & Nail Studio. Fronted by Love Beauty entrepreneur Monika Mohindra (and sister of brow guru Shavata), this new arrival to our favourite budget retailer means you can get your nails done and stock up on socks all under the one roof. While not all of the treatments come in at rock-bottom prices, it’s pretty hard to say no to €7 eyebrow threading, €12 brow-and-lash tinting or a €7 file and paint. There will also be other premium treatments available, such as Gel Polish Manicures, Full Face Threading, and the intriguing Two Tone Lashes Treatment. Particularly with regard to nails and eyebrow grooming, the objective is to instil good habits in young customers before any ill-advised DIY disasters occur. And by offering services at a price point that young customers can afford, it encourages customers to pop in for a quick treatment. And in the words of Monika herself, the aim is to ‘offer style and unparalleled value to women who desire accessible expertise’. And how can we say no?