The License of the Student Bar is to run out on Friday 28th September and may not be renewed according to UCD Students’ Union president Rachel Breslin. “At present we haven’t renewed the license because we are not in a financial position to renew the license, online ” commented Breslin.

The license of the Student Bar differs to a typical bar license in that a bar license may be purchased and does not have to be constantly renewed. The UCD Student Bar however had a license that resembled that of a sporting club license. This means that the license must be renewed on an annual basis and the number of late nights that the bar may have is restricted.

The cost of renewing a license is quite expensive according to Breslin due to legal fees, however she went on to say that the reason they’re not renewing it is not down to “a cost issue…it’s that this bar is not sustainable.” She says that you can’t apply for a license for something that doesn’t exist, “creditors must be paid and staff must be paid.”

The new bar in the Student Centre, which has an expected opening date of early 2013, will also possess a club license rather than purchasing a bar license, again restricting the number of late night events that the venue may have.

-Peter Hamilton