The Tribune today learnt that college officers have today warned class reps against talking to members of the press on campus. In a message sent to Arts, Humanities and Social Science’s group chat seen by the Tribune a college officer warned that class reps shouldn’t feel pressured into giving information to members of the press and that they should instead contact their college officers who will in turn contact and inform the UCD SU Press Officer.

This was part of a wider message that said this was not an effort to avoid speaking to the press, but instead to help reps decided what they wanted to say and how. It was claimed that this was an effort to ensure that the press is getting the full picture. This is part of a new process that the SU is attempting to implement after the large number of leaks that characterised the Ascough impeachment last year.

UCD SU has this year insisted that all comments and press queries on any Union activities at any level must go through the new press office in an effort to limit leaks to members of the press. 


Aaron Bowman & Muireann O’Shea – CoEditors