The work of the two Co-Editors of the College Tribune is a demanding and full-time role. It involves producing 5-10 print issues fortnightly over the college year as well as maintaining, managing and updating the College Tribune website, app and social media platforms. This can include intensive work in the week preceding a newspaper print deadline.

The Editors are responsible for recruiting a team of Section Editors during the summer and providing them with any training necessary. The Editors must also recruit a Design team, Social Media team, and Finance team and fill any other applicable positions. The Co-Editors are also responsible for recruiting and maintaining contributors throughout the year.

The College Tribune is entirely self-funded. It is the only independent student newspaper in Ireland and the first of its kind to have its own app in the country. One of the primary responsibilities of the Co-Editors is sourcing advertising for the paper in order to cover print and daily running costs.

As head of the newspaper, the Editors are tasked with continuing the Tribune’s tradition of investigative journalism in UCD as well as coverage of any and all UCD related sports, arts, lifestyle, business, law, politics and student stories to the fullest extent possible. The newspaper was established in 1989 to hold the institutions within used to account it is expected that the Editorial team will continue this mission.

Candidates should ideally have experience in journalism as well as some level of copy-editing experience. The positions are open to external applicants as well as current Tribune Section Editors, Correspondents and contributors. As the Tribune is an independent body, the position is unwaged, however, the Editors may take home any surplus revenue after the running costs and other expenditures have been covered at the end of the year.

Successful candidates will gain invaluable experience in journalism and media communications as well as in editing, team management, and interpersonal relationship management. Many former editors have successfully gone on to work in National media, politics and public relations.

How to Apply

Interested candidates should email the current Editors, Manny Choudhry and Conor Paterson at editor@ with a copy of their CV and a 500-word Statement of Interest. Email subject lines should be as follows: name_Editor2022/2023.

If you are interested in applying but would like to know more about the role first, please reach out to the Editors via email or any of our social media platforms.