1. You’re desperately hunting for a table for a plug in James Joyce library, prostate clutching your laptop and books like they’re your children.

  2. Your lecture has already started and you’re still queuing up to pay for your coffee.

  3. You’re trying to get a taxi on Harcourt Street, tadalafil finding it hilarious that you have a lecture in six hours’ time.

  4. You’re broke.

  5. You’re wearing those jeans to college. Again.

  6. You’re addicted to some sort of game, viagra either online, on your laptop, or on your phone.

  7. You’ve dozed off in a lecture.

  8. You have more energy drinks in your system than water.

  9. You turn up to lectures mainly because you don’t want to miss any exam tips.

  10. You gave up on makeup a long time ago.

  11. You’re doing a Sudoku instead of listening to your lecturer.

  12. You don’t know the answer to question 3 on the mock exam, but you can go into great detail about the latest episode of Game of Thrones.

  13. There is at least one friend whose neck you would like to wring.

  14. Your study sessions begin with a quick scroll through Facebook, maybe a YouTube video, and a peruse of a very interesting link that one of your friends reposted. (Another Frozen parody? I’d better have a look, in case it’s better than all the rest of them…!)

  15. You’re starting to wonder what the point is, and are seriously considering dropping out of college, marrying an acrobat and traveling the world with the circus. (You could learn how to do acrobatics yourself, but that involves effort.)

  16. You’re broke. (You had money again for a little while. But that’s gone.)

  17. Your two favourite words to follow the word “free”, are “pizza”, and “beer”.

  18. Your C.V. makes you out to be a super-organised, super-talented super-human, when in reality you’d scrub the floor of a cowshed with a toothbrush if it meant you could have a summer job.

  19. You’ll definitely get a haircut. Next week.

  20. You and your friends decide to blow off the gym and go for ice cream instead.

  21. There are a million and one things you’ve said you’ll do this semester, and the list only seems to get longer, rather than shorter.

  22. You’re writing a novel on the side. Sort of. Or rather, you’ve been meaning to write one.

  23. When you eat, you’re never sure whether you’re having breakfast, lunch, or dinner.

  24. Your nightmares now involve referencing styles, and college books coming to life and beating you.

  25. You feel guilty just for reading this list to the end instead of studying.

…. But remember that the only way is up, and then life gets you down, just keep swimming! And if you only remember that, you can rest easy knowing that you’ve ended this year of college with just a little more knowledge!


Niamh Crosbie