The funeral of Michael Byrne, ‘Old Man Belfield’, will take place on Wednesday 20th of January at 11am. The service will be private as a result of the ongoing Covid-19 lockdown but a live stream will be hosted by UCD online.

Michael Byrne was a homeless man who became a fixture of UCD’s Belfield campus, gaining the affectionate title of ‘Old Man Belfield’ from students and was known as the ‘Dreamer’ in his local area. Michael died on campus on Monday 11th of January. The funeral will be streamed live on Wednesday on UCD’s YouTube channel.

There is an online condolences book on for members of the public to offer their condolences and celebrate Michael’s memory. The Irish Times has reported that a local cemetery has offered to give him a funeral, burial, plot and headstone free of charge in the nearby Kilternan Cemetery Park.

Little is known about ‘Old Man Belfield’ who was a popular figure among students on campus and was looked after by an informal care network while on campus. Local shopkeepers, including those at UCD, gave him food and other items.

Many times Michael has chosen to turn away aid however for a number of decades, Byrne was looked after by a local family. The College Tribune wishes our sincere condolences to all who knew Michael Byrne, especially to the family who looked after Michael.

Hugh Dooley – News Editor

Header Image Credit: The Irish Times