Students will be able to retrieve their items from lockers in University College Dublin (UCD) in a supervised capacity from Friday July 17th, UCD Estate Services have confirmed.

Lockers can be accessed under supervision by UCD Estate Services, who will provide a staff member at the main entrance of the building to assist students and ensure the collection process adheres to social distancing guidelines.

In order to collect items from a locker, students must first fill out a Student Locker Access Form online, which can be requested from the UCD Estate Services. A minimum of one day’s notice must be given when requesting a date to access lockers. Students will be required to present their UCard and their own locker combination as proof of ownership.

A number of steps must be followed by students whilst accessing lockers. Hand sanitisation stations will be set up at every main entrance, and disinfectant wipes will be provided to the locker user to clean the touch points on the locker door and lock before opening.

The locker user must bring a bag to ensure they will be able to remove all items from the locker. Waste and recycling bins will be provided for items students wish to throw away.

Once the locker is empty, students must wipe the interior of the locker using the disinfectant wipes that will be provided to them.

Finally, the locker user will be escorted to the exit of the building by a staff member where they again will have the opportunity to hand sanitise before leaving.

Essential access to lockers can only be facilitated on a once-off basis between the hours of 9am-4pm, Monday to Friday.

Access to all locker locations will be available, except for the Veterinary Science Centre lockers, to which access is not possible at the moment.

Students have been unable to use their lockers since March, when UCD was closed in response to the coronavirus outbreak.

As restrictions are slowly being lifted throughout the country, UCD is preparing for students returning to campus ahead of the beginning of the Autumn trimester. This trimester will see reduced capacity in lectures, a mix of online, blended and face-to face classes and tutorials, and students will more than likely be subject to more public health and social distancing measures around campus.

The majority of restaurants on campus, such as Pi, Nico’s, and the main restaurant in the Gerard Manley Hopkins building, are still uncertain as to when they will reopen or what health restrictions customers will have to follow. Student Union shops are planning on reopening ahead of orientation week, having ceased trading since March 12th.

University residences will be filled as normal with special arrangements in place for students requiring to self-isolate. A two-week rent-free period will be granted to international students in campus residences, and annual rent is being reduced for all students in residences to 36 weeks.

The UCD Sport & Fitness centre has also reopened, with various operational changes to ensure government health and safety standards are met. Students must complete a mandatory membership application containing a COVID-19 Declaration.


Nessa Collins – Reporter