nurse serif;”>Kieran Murphycapsule serif;”> discusses how to buy the perfect suit for your ball this year.

Let’s face it; It’s a rare Irish man that looks good wearing a tuxedo. “It’s not the clothes that make the man, it’s the man that makes the clothes,” but to be honest, a man’s attire does have a vital role in shaping his appearance and stature among peers. This is especially the case when it comes to a man’s appearance in a suit, which can be store-bought or personally tailored.

There are four factors to take into account if you choose to purchase a tailored suit: buy the best pieces you can afford, select the proper cloth for their suit, have the suit correctly fitted and style the ensemble to meet your personal tastes. It’s better to purchase one higher-quality suit that falls within your budget than two lower cost suits for the same amount. The cloth superiority and construction typically found in more expensive suits tend to provide a more enjoyable and longer wearing experience.

First and foremost, the shoulders of the coat must fit correctly. This allows for the most freedom of movement and the revelation of flattering lines. Next comes proper fit in the waist and seat, critical for both comfort and proper appearance of pleats, waistbands and other pant features. Custom suits have a distinct advantage over ready-made suits in this area.

After looking after the quality, cloth and fit of the suit, you will generally have the opportunity to finish the garment with an assortment of details. From two or three buttons on their coat to pleats or flat-front trousers, these decisions allow for a sense of personalization in your new suit.

When buying mass produced suits from stores such as Topman, colour is important and picking a neutral suit can be the key to creating a truly great wardrobe. You may think that a neutral suit is one that has no pattern but this is not the case. You just need to make sure that the pattern on the suit is so subtle that it looks like a solid colour from a distance. Then, you can pair it with bolder prints in your shirts and ties without giving up the polished and put together look that you have been trying to achieve.

There are different types of suits on the market but the most common one in men’s fashion is the two piece suit. This involves a suit jacket that is paired with matching trousers. Although some people enjoy sporting their suit tieless, it is preferable to wear a tie with your suit and you can either choose a bow tie (which should generally be avoided unless you possess the desire to give off Pee Wee Hermanesque paedophilic-vibes) or preferably a standard necktie.

When choosing a store-bought suit, you want to make sure that it fits well as there is very little that looks worse than a badly fitting suit. Remember that most suits will not fit perfectly right off the hanger. They will normally need to have some adjustments made, so tailoring is important. You want to make sure that the suit’s jacket fits you in the shoulder.

Don’t worry as much about the arm length. If it is a bit longer than you want, this can always be altered and may turn out cheaper than getting one personally tailored from scratch. A sleeve that is too short is a problem and you may need to go with a different style of jacket if the shoulders and sleeves cannot be made to fit you properly.

Don’t become subject to a Plaintiff of fashion; if you take time and consideration when choosing your suit, you can ensure that you and your suit will never be put to fashion disrepute and who knows, you might attract a few suitresses of your own.