Being a self-confessed cosmetic fiend and adoring lotions and potions of many varieties is a costly business. Not only does stashing hoards of cleansers, toners, moisturizers, scrubs, primers aaaand the rest, take up valuable space on your vanity table, but it also packs a punch on your purse.

We’ve compiled our top 3 DIY Beauty Tricks that you just can’t miss below, to lighten the load, without you losing that beautiful glow.

1) Olive Oil Facial Scrub.

Using facial scrubs is an excellent way to give your skin a refreshing glow, without all the effort of needing to book a weekly facial (ain’t nobody got time for that). Not only are they hard to slot into our busy lives, facials are costly on a penny saving pocket. While there are many facial scrubs on the market at the moment, many use artificial ingredients that instead of helping our skin, end up flushing it of all its natural oils and can create an imbalance within our skin’s acid mantle (the godfather when it comes to protecting our skin).

The Olive Oil facial scrub is easy on the pocket and the skin, requiring basic, natural ingredients to keep your complexion youthful and fresh.

Directions : Simply take a pea sized amount of baking soda and olive oil (or coconut oil for those who prefer a more tropical scent) in one palm. Gently rub the mixture together with your fingers and spread evenly and gently across your face for a smoothing, fresher looking glow.

Results : Leaves the skin brighter and smoother while allowing makeup to sit better on your features.

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2) The Anti-Flush Facial

Irish girls are the utter queens of rosy cheeks. While for some it is a desired trait, others simply can’t stand it. Rosy cheeks most commonly occur to those who have prolonged exposure to the cold weather, particularly windy weather (why hello there Storm Christine, Storm Brigid…).
This causes blood vessels near your cheeks to surface resulting in that amber glow.

The lemon juice and egg yolk face mask is the perfect solution for reducing redness in your cheeks.

Directions : Combine one egg yolk in a small dish with the juice from one whole lemon and mix, producing a mixture with paste-like consistency.
Apply liberally to the affected areas and leave overnight for best results, or 1 hour at least before gently cleansing face with lukewarm water. This facial works best when used once a week consistently for 3-4 weeks.

Results : Leaves skin cleansed and fresh while reducing redness from weather exposure or blemishes.

3) The Egg and Honey Hair Mask

When it comes to our tresses, some of us, without even meaning to, are very heavy-handed and abusive with our hair. Our luscious locks have to deal with the weather, colouring, bleaching, cutting, tying, back-combing and much more . No wonder it can look a little lackluster at times! For a little lift the last thing we should be doing is pumping yet more product on our scalps!

No ladies, the Egg and Honey Hair Mask will do just fine. Eggs are filled with natural proteins which are proven to help soothe and strengthen your hair as well as your scalp, while honey has long been favored for hair treatments. Honey is not only packed with vitamins, it’s also antibacterial, so it has incredible healing properties.

Directions : Take one egg and one cup of honey and beat together into a dripping mixture.
Apply to your hair, making sure to cover your scalp and pop a shower cap over it for 20 minutes. Rinse the mix out of your hair and then shampoo as normal.

Results : This leaves your hair shinier, and with continued use strengthens the hair and leaves your scalp healthier.

Lauren Tracy