The Dean and Head of School of Medicine at University College Dublin (UCD) has not responded to complaints from students regarding Professor Dolores Cahill’s recent false and misleading claims regarding COVID-19.

Following coverage from this publication on UCD Professor Dolores Cahill’s misleading and false claims on COVID-19, The College Tribune received information that a number of students have complained to the UCD School of Medicine about Cahill’s misleading medical advice, but have received no response.

A group of students collaboratively wrote a letter detailing Cahill’s claims and providing scientific evidence which contradicts them. This letter was signed by 133 students from the UCD School of Medicine. Here is the statement from the students and here is their article addressing Prof Cahill’s claims.

The letter states that Professor Cahill’s “public statements are inconsistent with current science and epidemiology regarding COVID-19”. They go on to say, “it appears she is sharing biased, non peer reviewed data with low methodological quality which, when interpreted by the public as medical advice could endanger their own and public health”.

The letter was sent on Monday to the Head of Medicine Professor Michael Keane, his Personal Assistant, and the College Principal of the College of Health and Agricultural Science Dr. Cecily Kelleher. It was accompanied by a 32-page (over 15,000 word) document which goes through Cahill’s claims one by one and provides mounds of scientific evidence which directly contradict her statements.

The letter urges the university to:

  • Consider how Professor Cahill’s actions reflect on the University and its reputation.
  • Consider the standard of education paid for and expected by the future healthcare professionals, researchers, and scientists.
  • Consider how the university’s lack of any statement disavowing Professor Cahill’s statements acts as a silent endorsement

The students who wrote and supported this letter wish to remain anonymous for fear of personal and professional retaliation, given that Cahill is still in a position to grade their work. In addition, the FAQ which was shared with students states that “students who have publicly spoken out against these claims made by Professor Cahill have been bullied and harassed by supporters of Cahill with personal insults, discriminatory messages, and threats of violence made against their person.”

A source  who wishes to remain anonymous, has told The College Tribune that, prior to writing the letter, several students sent emails to members of faculty to complain about Cahill’s misinformation, but that these complaints were ignored by multiple UCD academics, including Professor Michael Keane. The College Tribune has received evidence that students sent these emails on the 12th of May, just one day after Cahill’s interview with Computing Forever.

The Irish Times recently published an article which revealed that Cahill has been asked to resign from the EU Scientific Committee as a result of her misleading claims about COVID-19. This has left many wondering why UCD has not taken similar steps. Professor Cahill currently has full tenure, which has an element of job security for the UCD Doctor.

Professor Keane was approached for comment on our original article and has now been approached again to respond to the allegation that he has failed to respond to student complaints. At the time of writing, he has not responded to either attempt to contact him.

The College Tribune has approached a number of UCD academics for comment, with only two agreeing to talk off the record. These sources have asked to remain anonymous, although both agree that Cahill’s claims contradict the best available scientific evidence.

More to follow…

Adam Boland – Science Editor

8 thoughts on “Dolores Cahill: Students Blast Head of Medicine with 15,000 Word Letter after Failing to Respond to Complaints

  1. I also sent an email to 12th May after the ComputingForever interview laying out the most dangerous , unsurprisingly zero response from Conway:

    “I’ve been following the worrying trend of conspiracy theories and misinformation surrounding Covid19 and SARS-CoV-2 and I came across this recent interview with Prof Cahill a researcher at Conway:

    In the interview Prof Cahill makes some scientific and medical claims I believe are unsubstantiated, and unethical for a research scientist to be recommending to the lay public. These start at approximately 25 minutes into the interview.

    Prof Cahill states “So the way that we should have done is quarantined people who have underlying conditions like cystic fibrosis also people over with 75 and then told them to build up their immune system in the few weeks by taking Vitamin C, D and Zinc. Then they could have actually engaged with society and no one would have actually been sick, so that’s actually the thing there is a preventative that no one would have died at all”.

    That sort of statement is not based in science, and is potentially dangerous advice. To justify that sort of statement would require a large double blinded trial, a retroactive study showing a correlation is not enough to support a claim like this. It horrifies me that someone with a position of authority as a Professor in the Life Sciences would say something with such certainty that is so divorced from published scientific evidence.

    There are many, many other inaccurate statements made by Prof Cahill in this interview such as at 24:30 that the original SARS-CoV-1 has been circulating every 3 to 4 years (false), and that we are already immune to SARS-CoV-2 (false). At 36:30: that SARS-CoV-2 can’t be transmitted by close, person to person contact (false). At 37:25: That children can not spread SARS-CoV-2 to adults (false).

    It may be appropriate for a public rebuke by Conway, as this sort of misinformation spread by a single researcher at your institution brings it into disrepute. I’m confident Prof Dolores Cahill’s statements are not representative of other researchers at your organisation, and that they would be equally as appalled as I am.

    I strongly believe institutional review of Prof Dolores Cahill’s public comments is justified.”

    And then I followed up with an email to, on 14th May:
    “I haven’t received a response from Conway regarding this.

    Is there a mechanism for Prof Cahill’s comments being reviewed internally, given her comments were published on not University channels?
    Will the University provide a public response or rebuke of Prof Cahill’s public comments, given the unfounded medical claim may induce individuals in high risk groups to abandon sheltering/social distancing? ”

    Their response? Non-existent.

    1. Conway has sent me a response:

      Thank you for your email and apologies for the delayed response due to the current crisis. Please note the statement issued by UCD in this regard today.

      “The School of Medicine, College of Health & Agricultural Sciences, the Conway Institute and the University continue to fully support the public health position taken by the Irish Government concerning Covid-19. This includes treatment for Covid-19 patients and societal restrictions aimed at curbing the spread of the virus. Many UCD faculty, staff and students are directly involved in the provision of healthcare and research specifically relating to Covid-19. The views expressed by Professor Dolores Cahill are her own. They do not reflect the position of the School, College, Institute or University.”

  2. The original information on covid19 was assumption and based on an algorithm so not factual. Dr’s Erickson and Massihi(who have done 11000 covid19 tests) have publicly shared their findings completely contradicting the original algorithm which predicted mass deaths in fact 96-98% recover naturally within a relatively short time. The endangered group are the weak and vulnerable elder, where building health and immunity would help as per most disease i truly hope the students understand the need for a good immune system! Dr Buttar has publicly given interviews with 160 other doctors confirming the real data as opposed to the WHO information and has 7400 doctors in agreement, even Dr Faussi has published a paper putting the deathrate at 1% and the UK has downgraded covid19 as a non high infectious disease what exactly are the students not understanding?

  3. I lend my support to professor delores cahill it is abhorrent that her professional opinions are being censored by YouTube and Facebook. .
    The WHO made a statement in the recent past during one of their covid 19 press conferences “there is no evidence If infected with coronavirus that you are immune to it in the future” If that is the case, what type of vaccines are been researched?
    Where is the point of millions of dollars being spent on vaccines that will eventually be promoted by the WHO when they have made this statement.

    Vaccines are made up of the virus pathogens that trigger the immune system to respond and protect, this ‘not immune’ statement by the WHO is a Major contradiction .
    If you had the coronavirus you probably are not immune, but if you get a vaccine (same thing) you will be immune?

    Maybe it’s time for a proper open debate that include professional specialists like Delores Cahill that are not censored by interested concerns.

    Concerned R

  4. Hear, hear, an open forum!
    There are MANY scientists, researchers, medics etc who have important information to share. Why not bring It together in the greater public interest, rather than bickering and name-calling! This is a time for humble learning from one and another. As history can testify, many ideas which seemed strange initally, later proved vital. The only problem here is that thousands are dying whilst some such suggestions are being haughtily trashed!!
    The UK Scientific Advisory Committee, has just published research into the efficacy of Vitamin D in prevention, protection, and intervention in respiratory disease, and is recommending to the public to supplement their intake. Dr John Campbell reports on this finding – he being a medic who called for such research back in February!
    I hope and pray we can continue to learn together.

  5. I resigned my post on the IMC on April 19th in an attempt to whistleblow the mismanagement of the crisis in respect of the nursing homes. I was completely ignored, insulted and vilified, by colleagues and media. One month after my resignation it emerged that circa 1040 people died in nursing homes, many as a consequence of political neglect.
    Highest death rate in the world, next to Canada.

    For 3 wks during the height of the crisis, Nursing Home residents throughout the state were refused testing. Untested hospital patients were dumped into Nursing Homes throughout the state.

    The crisis has been badly managed and many lives lost as a consequence.

    I don’t agree with some of what Proffesor Cahill says. However she is one of a few, with the courage to point to past and continued mistakes.

    The attempt to censor her is perhaps MORE dangerous to public health than the virus itself.

    Dr Marcus de Brun GP

  6. The letter raised objections about Cahill’s favorable position on Hydroxychloroquine. The letter referred to Didier Raoult’s work (IHU Marseille) as unmethodical

    The IHU Marseille team’s paper documenting the treatment of 3737 covid-19 patients has just been published, *** PEER REVIEWED ***
    This is a real science paper not a lancet fake with cooked data. 300+ medical personnel made it happen

    my message to these “students” : READ AND LEARN

  7. There are so many “experts” out there. I have no affiliation with any govt body or dr Cahill, but I have seen her interview and she is what I would consider an expert. Deaths in Ireland during April 2020 were lower than the sane period in 2018, how can this be if so many died due to Covid-19? The deaths have been reclassified. The government have and are continuing to make extremely bad decisions and people need to cop on and take responsibility for their own lives.

    Economically the country is ruined and for absolutely nothing

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