Are you a society auditor or SU candidate with a vendetta against a news reporter? Are you angry that your society isn’t filled entirely with angels? Or are you a member of UCD management who is angry at the Turbine for laughing at your total incompetence?

Well, the College Tribune is delighted to announce that we have been inspired by crappy lecturers to start office hours to allow our readers to book a designated time for you to have a go at our unpaid volunteer journalists! 

UCD students can wait weeks to be seen by a staff member from the Student Counselling Service, the College Tribune can now do better than that! Text ABUSETRIB to 01-716-8501 to receive an appointment with an unpaid and frantically busy student journalist less than 24hrs from your text!

Read a testimony from one of our now-happy customers!! “I heckled a student journalist as he walked to a lecture, it was so satisfying but it wasn’t until I booked in with the Tribune’s new appointment system that I truly got my frustrations over 5-year-old drama off my chest.

The student that I yelled at for twenty minutes as she tried to get an essay written looked exactly like you or me, if I didn’t know they wrote for the Tribune I might even have believed they had emotions and feelings like the rest of us!”

Dugh Hooley – Missing News Editor