RVs and Campervans have become incredibly popular as people increasingly choose to travel at their own pace and reach places that might be slightly off the beaten track. See our guide for newbies here!

The Choice of Van is Important

The van that will best suit your unique needs will depend on the size of your party – and your budget. If the party consists of two adults and two kids then the VW Campervan, with its elevating roof is a great choice. If you have a bigger family, then you are going to have to get creative when planning your trip. Packing a tent can mean extra space during the night, while a hammock bed that goes over the front seat of the Campervan also frees up sleeping space. If it’s just you and a significant other then a smaller Campervan will be ideal. Those who are exploring the country in an RV as part of their retirement might want to spend a bit more of their retirement savings on a larger and more luxurious RV or Campervan model – after all, your Golden Years should be filled to the brim with comfort and laughter – spoil yourself.

Plan Around your Budget

An experienced TV owner will tell you the three most expensive line items when undertaking any RV or Campervan trip will be fuel (including gas), camping fees, and food. But even taking into account these largely sunken costs – you still have plenty of wriggle room when you are planning your next trip. Always keep in mind that you do not have to shoot for the moon to enjoy a great road trip. There are plenty of sights and destinations that are close to home – there’s no need to travel across the vast expanse of the country to have a good time. Budget properly for campgrounds on even the most extended trip and you should be able to squirrel enough away to treat yourself (and your party) to a few nights at an RV Resort.

Expect the Unexpected

Van Life may look organized, spotless, and spur-of-the-moment on Instagram posts, but, in reality, it’s not all napping in the warm sunshine on a hammock with a good book resting on your chest. Or snuggling in bed under the comforting weight of the duvet as snow gently falls. You will have to demonstrate flexibility and, in certain circumstances, the patience of a Saint. You will have to reevaluate your attitude to enclosed spaces and learn to take things at a slower pace and enjoy the moment, even if you are exhausted. Be sure all your files are in order and issues that could arise like silly stuff like your number plate, see more here. That’s all part of the romance of RV travel. And there will be time for bed and hammocks.

Always book your first and last night’s RV hire

While away you’ll find that you enjoy the RV experience far more if you book a place to stay on the first and last nights of your RV or Campervan adventure. Booking accommodation for the first night gives you a chance to enjoy a glass of wine, watch the sunset – and get a good night’s rest before hitting the road. The last night will provide plenty of opportunities to reminisce and prepare for a return to a non-RV lifestyle.

Bear in mind that the next morning you’ll have to pick up your Campervan. Take into account how far you will have to travel to get to your first destination. Time management is key, you’ll want to arrive at your campsite while it is still light in order to find the perfect pitch site. Arguments during RV excursions often start when sunset approaches and the insecurity of not knowing where the party will be bedding down starts to fray nerves. This pre-planning also includes that last night of travel. If you are looking to hire a motorhome or camper then Rambling Rover Campervans is the choice for you!

Cormac Reynolds – Writer