UCD students will have a chance to decide on the fate of Katie Ascough, President of UCD Students’ Union (UCDSU), in an Impeachment Referendum on the 25th and 26th of October.

Here is a collection of the Tribune’s coverage in the lead up to the calling of the referendum.


The Origins of the Impeachment Campaign

The Tribune first reported on the launch of the petition to call for a referendum to impeach Ascough on the 26th of September.

Petition Launched:

Report on the collection of signatures:

Petition collects enough signatures:

UCD for Choice Announces Support for Petition:

Petition is handed in:

Second Petition and the Calling of the Referendum

After the petition was rejected for failing to comply with procedural requirements, the Group had to begin again:

The new petition is handed in:


The Campaign Begins

Ascough wrote an open letter to UCD students giving her version of events:

The ‘Yes for Impeachment’ side then responded to her Open Letter:

UCDSU recently published the Minutes of its Executive meeting from the 21st of September, in which the original controversy was debated:


Other Related Pieces

A follow up on Niteline and Mental Health, as mentioned in Ascough’s Open Letter.

Med Soc is hosting a Panel Discussion of Doctors on the 8th Amendment.


Issue 3 of the Tribune is out on Tuesday, the 17th of October.

Pick up a copy around campus to hear both sides set out their views on the referendum.